Outdoor activities in the Northern Cape

activities - Northern Capeactivities - Northern Cape
activities - Northern Capeactivities - Northern Cape


Outdoor activities in the Northern Cape

A visit to the Northern Cape is a must for anyone who enjoys the great outdoors. The arid scenery and the warm climate make for the ultimate adventure for anyone who enjoys keeping active and doing something different with their time.

In Kathu in South Africa you will be able to play golf in one of the country’s most beautiful golf estates, in the Kalahari you can go sandboarding down the stunning sand dunes and you can even take a tour down the Orange River. If you are an outdoor adventurer looking for something fun and unique to do, read on for a list of exciting outdoor activities you can do in the Northern Cape.


Richtersveld mountain bike trail

The ancient Richtersveld landscape brims with lava, porphyry and rocks that are over two billion years old. This makes for one of the most exhilarating mountain bike trails in South Africa. Once you have adjusted to the alluvial plains and sandy roads, you will find yourself navigating the trail with ease.

You can base yourself at one of the camp sites in De Hoop and make daily outrides from there, or you could use a car to circumnavigate the park, stopping off at a different campsite every night. It is more advanced riding for those who have experience with mountain bikes. You will need to be sure that you have enough water and sunscreen as well as plenty of spare bike parts for every journey you make.


Orange River canoe trails

The Augrabies canoe trail is one of the most exciting wilderness safaris in the Northern Cape. You will travel down the Orange River, starting at Augrabies Falls. You will be able to experience the gorgeous stark beauty of the area, as well as spot some interesting wildlife along the way.

You can choose from one day tours and four day tours, all of which are carefully selected to take place along the safest areas of the Orange River. You can choose to have all meals supplied by your guides or you can self-cater. This might not be the easiest option, as you will have to carry all food with you on the tours. The guides are experts and are professionally trained, so people of all ages will be able to take part in the tours.


Gariep three-in-one adventure

The Gariep three-in-one adventure in the Augrabies National Park is the perfect activity for true adventurers. It is a combination of walking, canoeing and biking and will get your adrenaline pumping. To start off, you will row for four kilometres through a gorge along the Orange River.

Once your canoeing is done, you will move on to hike four kilometres through the desert and then return to your camp after cycling for twelve kilometres along a gravel road. It is the ideal opportunity to explore the Augrabies National Park, soaking up the scenery and discovering the hidden beauty of the northern Cape. Be sure to bring along enough water, sunscreen and electrolyte supplements so that you do not become ill or dehydrated on your adventure.


Sandboarding in the Kalahari

Kathu in South Africa is close to the Kalahari, which means that you will be able to find a Kathu Bed and Breakfast to stay at while exploring this region. One of the highlights is going sandboarding down the dunes of the Kalahari in the Witsand Nature Reserve.

These sands are famously known as the “roaring sands” of the Kalahari, as given the right conditions, they will rumble almost supernaturally if disturbed. You can rent your sandboarding board at the reception of the reserve and spend hours zipping down the dunes. Be sure that you pack water and snacks, as this will be a long day and you will need ample refreshment.


Horseback riding in the Karoo

There is something magical about taking in scenery on horseback. And, when you combine this with the stark beauty of the Karoo, you have a fantastic day ahead of you. Horseback riding in the Karoo is suitable for both adults, children and novice horse riders alike. You will find the prices per hour affordable and the guides friendly and knowledgeable.

There are game viewing options, allowing you to view game on horseback, an experience like no other. You can also book a nighttime horseback safari, which is sure to delight anyone who has a passion for horse and who enjoys doing something a little different. You will need to ensure that you and your family members are all comfortable when dealing with horses and will not scare easily.


Enjoy the wilder side of life

Outdoor enthusiasts know that going on holiday for them means including some form of activity. This makes the Northern Cape the ideal place to go to satisfy your need for adventure. You can spend time mountain biking in the Richtersveld, touring the Orange River in a canoe, riding a horse in the Karoo or even sandboarding in the Kalahari. Whatever you choose to do, it will be an experience like no other.

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