How to build the right mindset for tech startup success

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How to build the right mindset for tech startup success

Starting a business requires you to have the right mindset. The type of mindset you have will determine the type of decisions you will make and how you will tackle challenging events. Being optimistic is a particularly good mindset to have, as it will really test your approach and actions in the hardest of times. However, this is not always possible when you let your emotions get in the way or the better of you.

Apart from your everyday entrepreneurial skills, there are personal skills you need to learn in order to stay focused, optimistic and ready to respond to your business’s needs.

Here are a few tips to building the right mindset for startup success:


  • Clarify your own concept of winning

As a business tech entrepreneur, you need to understand that success is a long process. You cannot assume that success will happen overnight, and even if it does, it does not always need to have a monetary value attached to it. In your own mind, you need to identify what winning looks like to you and communicate those values to your team. Celebrate the small wins and focus on achieving your goals.


  • Make consistency a habit

Much like anything in life, dreams do come true when you work hard to achieve them. Being an entrepreneur and owning a business requires effort and consistency every single day. As an individual, you need to wake up and choose your battles and work hard to achieve your goals, and you will also need to set the example for any employees or clients working with you. You are no longer only responsible for your own actions, as you need to lead a team, show up to meetings, make the sales and constantly brainstorm ways to leverage technology in South Africa to help your business move forward. Consistency is key. The more you focus, the easier it will be to conquer the day ahead.  


  • There is no “right time” to start a business

Once you’ve accepted that there is no right time to start a business, the more motivated you will be to make a success of your startup. While there certainly are popular trends and markets, your startup approach makes a difference, so keep that at the back of your mind. Regardless of your obstacles, pressures and challenges, something good will always be a result of hard work and dedication.


  • Not knowing what you’re doing is not an excuse

Unless you’ve done it before, nobody knows what they’re getting themselves into when they start a business. No matter how much advice you’ve been given or how much professional guidance you have when making challenging decisions, business is fickle. You need to work hard, educate yourself and try to overcome challenges as best you can. There are going to be moments of failure in the beginning stages, but luckily, you will learn from these mistakes. Practice makes perfect, and it’s important to fail or experience rejection in order to become stronger and better your approach going forward.


  • Setbacks are not signs to give up

As an entrepreneur, you are going to test the waters in a variety of different ways. Sure, you’re going to have a map in your mind on how you’re going to execute your tech startup ideas effectively, but that does not include any unforeseen setbacks you’re going to encounter along the way. A setback might put you into a negative headspace, but it’s a reality of any business venture. These setbacks are nothing but lessons. And with the right mindset, you will be able to overcome any difficult challenge with ease. It will give you the opportunity to learn more about the industry and become even better at your trade.


You will quickly learn how important your customers’ opinions are. The purpose of building a business is to service a customer in some way or another. Be it through a product or a service, you need to add value to their lives through your ideas. When you adjust your business concept to suit your customers’ needs, you will reap the rewards. Focus on changing lives before you focus on your bank balance.


Final words

When running a business, you need to be open and willing to constantly work on yourself. While it might feel like you’re working on your professional growth, many of these skills stem from personal skills. Once you wrap your head around the above-mentioned tips, you will be able to move on from any setback and thrive in the startup space. Take every learning curve as an opportunity to be better, and remember that it’s never going to be a success from day one. You need to keep working at it and keep focusing.

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