3 Pros to reinforce your decision to outsource customer support

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3 Pros to reinforce your decision to outsource customer support

Business process outsourcing (BPO) is when a company chooses to arrange for a third-party company to take over a section (or sections) of their business processes that are not part of the core business but are still necessary.

One specific outsourcing business operation we will be looking at today is that of your customer support. Taking care of our customers uses a lot of time that could be spent more productively in the office and making sure jobs are done. Especially if you’re a smaller business who doesn’t have the resources to set up an entire customer service department and would end up undertaking customer care yourself.

You might be on the fence about putting your customers in the hands of a call centre outsourcing company, but here are a few pros to reinforce your decision to outsource customer support.


It’s a cost-effective solution

The main benefit of BPO is that it’s a cost-effective business solution. You save money on a variety of business expenses and the only cost is for the service fee of your call centre outsourcing services company.  

With outsourced customer support, you will be able to save money on the following business processes:

  • Employees: Recruiting, hiring and retaining top talent employees for a customer service department is a long-term business expense that will increase every year. Call centre outsourcing solutions give you access to the best in the business without those individuals having to be on your payroll. This will also allow your current employees to focus on the tasks they were hired to do and not have to divide their time and efforts to double as customer support for the company.
  • Training: This is another cost that concerns hiring employees (or using your current employees) to take care of your customer support department. They will require extensive customer service training in order to appropriately represent your company and brand through polite, patient and clear interactions.
  • Technology: Every department requires specialised technology to do the best possible job and that goes for customer support as well. Equipment and software will need to be bought, set up and training will need to be required for those operating it.

Outsourced call centres already have talented employees, the training and the equipment at their disposal. All that is required is the business fee and you can have it all geared towards helping your company’s customers. This will make the most of the money you’re spending on outsourcing and you’ll still manage to save your company money.

Keep in mind, being cost-efficient is only “pro” number one of outsourcing customer support.


Timeous customer support

When you have to handle your customer services on your own, you won’t always be available and able to respond as quickly as you should. But when customer support is not your direct concern, your call centre outsourcing company will take care of each and every complaint, inquiry, comment, request and mention as it happens, when it happens.

Nothing will go unanswered and your customers will be impressed by timeous customer support. In this way, you’re managing your business’ reputation as well by ensuring that you’re reliable and helpful.

And timeous, in the case of outsourcing, can also mean around the clock customer care. Your call centre might offer you 24/7 customer service which won’t only further build a positive business reputation, but allow you to expand your target market. Which leads us to the next benefit of customer support outsourcing.   


Opportunity to expand the target market

When you can offer 24/7 customer support, you can start considering expanding your target market. You would be able to start dealing with customers from around the world who operate in different time zones. And, considering that you’re spending more time in the core business processes, you should have the resources to make that leap into an international market.

With a call centre services company taking care of your customers needs, you also won’t have to be so hesitant of increasing your capacity if you choose to grow your business. Your customers will be covered, you will only have to make sure your company can meet the demands of more customers.

This is one example of how you will experience the return on investment (ROI) of BPO. Growing your business will allow for an increase in sales and profit. And that profit can be put back into the business to improve the processes that are part of the core business goals. It’s a beautiful business cycle that starts with business owners trusting outsourcing services to take care of the “extra” tasks for them while they hone in on building on the business’ foundations.

There’s no reason to be on the fence anymore, make that decision to invest in the wellbeing of your business by outsourcing your customer support.

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