How to spend the festive season in the Northern Cape

festive season - Northern Capefestive season - Northern Capefestive season - Northern Capefestive season - Northern Cape
festive season - Northern Capefestive season - Northern Capefestive season - Northern Capefestive season - Northern Cape


How to spend the festive season in the Northern Cape

The festive season is when we all get together and spend time with family. And during this time, many of the younger family members are looking for exciting things to do. You can send them to the usual spots such as trawling the malls or watching films, or you could take some time off and go to a more unique and exciting place: the Northern Cape.

You will find that the Springbok accommodation in the Northern Cape is both comfortable and luxurious, and many of the places to stay in Springbok are within a short driving distance to the main attractions of the area. Is your interest piqued? Read on below for just some of the ways in which you can spend the festive season in this stunning province.


Take in the sites at the Richtersveld Liggie Fees

During the holiday season, everyone is in high spirits and wants to see some displays of the spirit of the season. So, you can book your accommodation in Springbok, and head off to the Richtersveld Liggie Fees (Light Festival).

The Liggie Fees offers a diverse array of activities and vendors for everyone to enjoy. There are jazz artists who will be singing the night away, food vendors offering delectable dishes to enjoy, and, of course, the fireworks display itself which will be taking place each night. The festival runs from the 13th of December to the 16th of December at the Port Nolloth Beachfront.


Hot-air ballooning in Augrabies

If your family is on the lookout for something completely different to do during the festive season, why not book a hot-air balloon adventure over the Orange River Valley? This way, you will get magnificent views of the gorgeous African scenery and be able to see the entirety of the Orange River as it spreads across the land.

This is a truly unique family adventure and the lift-off site is conveniently situated 10km from the Augrabies Falls. If your family members are nature lovers, this is the perfect way to spend time during the holidays. It is a safe and gentle manner of site seeing, and be sure to bring along your camera to capture special moments.


Visit the Big Hole in Kimberley

For those who enjoy reliving a bit of history, you can visit the Big Hole in Kimberley. The Big Hole is a manmade structure that was created during the diamond rush in 1871. It has since been closed up and is not a stunning natural crater. It is the biggest man-made hole in South Africa.

Almost 3000kg of diamonds have been pulled out of the mine, and 22 million tons of earth, resulting in a massive hole which is now filled with water. The Big Hole is a staple tourist attraction when visiting the Northern Cape, but this does not diminish its sheer impressive size when you arrive at the site. Be sure to visit the mining museum that is on site and spend time at the gift shops and restaurants, which provide hours of fun for all ages.


Spend time at the Victoria West Museum

The Victoria West Museum in the small Karoo town of Victoria West offers a quirky little stopover for your road trip through the Northern Cape. The museum consists of two different halls, namely the B.J. Kempen Hall, which houses a multitude of fossils found in the Karoo and the Cultural History Hall, which depicts the past of Victoria West.

You can call ahead to find out the opening times and dates, or simply arrive and ask if any of the exhibits are open. The town is small and quaint but has a rich and interesting history. It was founded in 1843, when the farm known as Zeekoegat was bought by the Dutch Reformed Church. There are also several quirky coffee shops and eateries you can visit to while away the afternoon.


Find some flamingos at Kamfers Dam

When we think of the Northern Cape, we often think of a desolate landscape but at the Kamfers Dam, you will be surprised and delighted to see thousands of pink lesser flamingo making their home here.

The lesser flamingo is smaller than other flamingos and is considered to be “Near Threat” by many wildlife programmes. At Kamfers Dam, you will be able to spend time watching these beautiful birds go about their day and there is a nearby casino and lifestyle centre if you want some other fun activities to choose from. There is no cost to visit the dam, but you might have to ask for permission to have a picnic or park your car in certain areas.

festive season - Northern Capefestive season - Northern Capefestive season - Northern Cape