How to choose the right vehicle for your company car

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How to choose the right vehicle for your company car

While having a company car can help your employees get from point A to point B, it can also help with building brand awareness if you choose to have a vinyl sticker with your logo on it wrapped on the body on the car. And you will also provide a more professional image to your clients if you arrive in a clean, neat, and branded car.

You should look out for second-hand cars for sale that will meet your needs and still look luxurious. For example, some used cars such as a used Audi A4 or a used Audi A3 are ideal choices for a company car.  Or you could opt for pre-owned cars such as a BMW 3 Series Sedan. If you are not sure which car to choose, outlined below are some top tips on deciding on the best car for your business.


Think carefully about what you need

Choosing a company car starts with thinking carefully about your needs. For example, if you own a fleet then you will need to look for a car that is similar or an exact match to these other vehicles.

If you need a way of transporting goods to clients or from a warehouse to your store, then you should look into a van with an easy-to-load rear. If the vehicle will be a “perk” for an employee, you should look at a car that is easy-to-use and fuel-efficient. For those who need a car to drive to client meetings, you should look for a luxury car such as a 2013 Audi A4 Sedan or a similar vehicle. This depends on your budget and industry, but it is the ideal car for those in the finance business.


How will the vehicle be used?

This is similar to the above consideration but it focuses more on who will be driving the vehicle, what type of terrain it will be driven through, and how often it will be used. A diesel car might be a good option if the car will be driven across long and bumpy roads, as they tend to have more power than their petrol counterparts.

If your employees will be using the company car to drive to and from work then a pre-owned vehicle that uses petrol, has power steering and electric windows is ideal. This will be more fuel-efficient and will provide a comfortable ride for your employees. Be sure to ask for opinions from your employees as to what they need in a car or how they think it will be used. This can provide you with useful insight on which will be the best option for you.


Do your research

One of the most important steps in looking for a car, whether you are buying to for personal or business use, is to do research. Once you have found at least two models, you will need to look online for as much information on these models as you can possibly find. For example, you could research if that model is popular as a company car and if the competition is using something similar.

You could also go to an auction or an auto show to find a car that is in excellent condition and ask the dealer about the specifications and price. If you are unable to afford it then, you will at least have an idea of how much it will cost when you do have the funds. Before applying for business car finance, look for reviews and ratings online of company cars so that you choose one which is the best option for your business needs.


Reliability is key

You might think that choosing a flashy car will put forward the best image for your company, but if the car is unreliable then you will likely have more issues than you bargained for and will need to repair, replace, or maintain parts more often. Be sure to ask for a full service history of any car you are interested in, to ascertain when and how often it was serviced.

Another important aspect to look at when considering reliability is the brand of the car you are looking at. Some brands are not as reliable as others, which means that you might be paying for expensive repairs. If you are looking for features such as power steering, electric windows and xenon headlights, you will need to find a model which has all of these and which is not prone to breakdowns or other issues. A reliable company car is vital, especially if your employees will be driving it.


Speak to your staff

One of the most effective ways to choose the best car for your company is to speak to your employees. They can help you to decide on a car that everyone can use and feels comfortable in. Start by thinking about your needs carefully and draw up a list of how the vehicle will be used. You should always remember to do your research and look for a reliable car over a designer model.

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