6 visa-free destinations for South African travellers

visa-free - destinations - South African travellersvisa-free - destinations - South African travellers
visa-free - destinations - South African travellersvisa-free - destinations - South African travellers


6 visa-free destinations for South African travellers

Travelling is one of the greatest experiences – it opens you up to different cultures and people you may have never imagined meeting before. However, travelling can be time-consuming, especially the planning stage and obtaining a visa. But luckily, you don’t need to worry about that because there are beautiful destinations to visit without a visa.

If you’re interested in travelling and you’re looking for places that don’t require a visa, then read below to find out what breathtaking destinations you can add to your bucket list.



One of South Africans’ favourite destinations is Mauritius. Situated in East Africa on the Indian Ocean, it is a destination with beautiful, clear blue beaches and white sand. Besides the beaches, lagoons and reefs, there are many other reasons to travel to Mauritius.

The island of Mauritius has a few hidden gems that can guarantee you a wonderful trip. One of the places you have to visit is Port Louis, the capital and largest city in Mauritius. At Port Louis, you can find exotic street food and local products like spices and herbs. Another popular activity in Mauritius is deep sea fishing, so make sure you add that to your to-do list.



Have you been wondering why so many people in South Africa are going to Thailand? Well, it’s because it's an affordable destination that does not require a visa. Thailand is surrounded by bright blue beaches, temples and spicy food. This beautiful island is situated in southeast Asia and is overflowing with tradition and culture. With a population of over 68 million people, this inviting tourist attraction is filled with sunshine, beaches and rich cultural heritage.



Ireland is renowned for its countryside. This is a peaceful country to visit if you want to take some time away from the busy city life. But don’t worry about not having anything to do, because Ireland is known for its festivals that celebrate art, music, culture and food.

Ireland also has a nightlife that is guaranteed to give you the greatest memories. So, if you’re looking to have the best of both worlds, then Ireland should be on your bucket list.



Israel is a small place filled with diverse scenery, sacred history and beautiful landscapes. It has over 8 million residents and is known for its variety of vegan food. If you go to Israel, you should visit Tel Aviv, as this is a foodie destination. They have a variety of dishes that will satisfy your tastebuds and leave you crawling back for more. Other attractions to visit in Israel would be the unique City of Jerusalem and The Dead Sea.



Peru is packed with history and exquisite landscapes. When travelling to Peru, you get to experience its ancient ruins and culture, meet people from different walks of life, enjoy their handcraft and experience their natural diversity. Apart from their landscape and culture, you can also try out their mouthwatering cuisine. The great thing about travelling to places that have a diverse culture is that you can try out different cuisines and experience new cultures.



Russia is among the biggest countries in the world. It is filled with multiple things that a traveller would love to see. Russia is known for its arts, especially ballet, stunning architecture and nature. When travelling to Russia, make sure you visit their capital city, Moscow, St. Basil’s Cathedral, the Red Square and Moscow Zoo.


Final thoughts

Travelling is life-changing. It allows you to see and connect with people from different cultures. Going on vacation also challenges you to explore and take a step out of your comfort zone and “normal” life. There are many places to see, and if you are looking for a less stressful process, then start off by travelling to places that don’t require a visa.


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visa-free - destinations - South African travellers