Getting Married in the Magic of the Klein Karoo

Marriage, Klein Karoo, South Africa
Marriage, Klein Karoo, South Africa

There is nothing like getting married in Oudtshoorn within the beautiful wilderness of the Klein Karoo - from the climate, the friendly people and the glorious surrounding mountains, Oudtshoorn offers visitors something truly unique.

Oudtshoorn has an unparalleled character and charm, giving you the feeling of entering an oasis in the middle of nowhere.  A treasure trove of little shops, boutiques, restaurants and accommodation facilities makes Oudtshoorn a picture perfect wedding option.

There is an overwhelming abundance of excellent wine farms, game farms, hotels, country houses, and estates that can offer couples the best wedding experience.

Being only about 55 kilometres away from the coastal city of George and its airport, Oudtshoorn is easily accessible from all over the country. 

Oudtshoorn offers visitors a wonderful selection of excellent activities and attractions to keep all your wedding guests entertained.  This area is very popular for hiking, hot air ballooning, horse riding, bird watching and Ostrich Farms – all adding up to a great experience in Oudtshoorn.

Many of the wedding venues will take care of everything from the ceremony and reception, to luxury honeymoon possibilities.  The striking scenery of the Klein Karoo offers a splendid backdrop for the wedding photos which in most cases can be conveniently taken at the venue as well.

Any wedding comes with its shares of anxiety and stress, however Oudtshoorn seems to release an air of calmness and tranquillity which transcends any tension that one may feel.  The Klein Karoo is as peaceful as it is vast, a sure recommended stopover for any visitor, but should you start your matrimonial future in Oudtshoorn, you would be starting from somewhere remarkable. 

Article written by : Lauren Gower