Karoo Information Travel Directory

Karoo Information Travel Directory

General Information

Welcome to our Karoo Information Directory.  Here you will find information on accommodation, activities, restaurants, events and articles - all relating to the Karoo.

The Karoo is huge, and although divided into different microclimates across its vastness, it is mainly divided into two sub-regions : the Great (Groot) Karoo in the north and the Little (Klein) Karoo in the south.  The name Karoo originated from the original Khoi word, Karus, meaning dry, barren, thirsty land.

Mostly the Karoo is defined by its assortment of succulent vegetation and low scrub bushes, coupled by its extreme temperatures of heat in summer and cold in winter.  The Karoo is also known for its hospitable towns, fossils, wine routes and activities.

Historically the Karoo has been around for many years with San Art visible on hikes, and fossil collections in museums.  If there is one thing that is guaranteed in the Karoo it would be the clear starry nights - the sky is magnificent as it lights up its galaxy.

The most obvious animal found to roam the Karoo is the Ostrich – a horizon dotted with black and white feathers ... these big flightless birds are the Karoo’s most famous animal.

The semi-arid climate of this region with its winter rainfall, allows for some great winemaking.  There are excellent wineries in little towns like Calitzdorp and Ladismith.

An amazing feature to the Karoo is the Cango Caves just outside of Oudtshoorn.  As one of South Africa’s most awe-inspiring feature, this tourist attraction is a definite must-see.

The region also boasts over 9 000 plant species.  The Karoo has a magic that cannot be described, but has to be experienced. It is a place of quiet repose, of replenishment and of inner peace. It is a place that has inspired poets, artists, authors and photographers throughout the centuries.

The Klein Karoo Wine Route is perhaps the most diverse of the country’s wine regions and stretches along Route 62 from Montagu in the west to the Langkloof in the east.  The Route 62 is home to more than sixty-nine wine farms and eleven specialist brandy cellars, making it the longest wine route in the Western Cape!


Whether it is the adventure activities, the night skies, the game viewing or bird watching that holds your attraction of the Karoo, visiting here will be something you will not forget.

Accommodation, Restaurants and Businesses

There is definitely no shortage of accommodation in the Karoo.  Bed and breakfasts, game farms, guest houses and hotels aplenty!  Everything from budget to the more luxurious, the variety is extensive.  See the accommodation section to the Directory for more information on what is advertised.

Eating out in the Karoo is an experience in itself.  The cuisine is succulent, unique and sublimely delicious.  You will not go wrong with the many restaurants, coffee shops, pubs and tea gardens available.  Click here for more information.

The business directory has a range of advertised businesses from Entertainment, Motoring to Retail and Sport.  


Welcome to the Karoo ...